The Wild Cat — See you in Winter 2022

Due to the mandatory quarantine required of all visitors by the State of Vermont, we are not booking Winter Ski trips for 2021.

The three- or four-night Wild Cat is on hiatus this season.  Booking the Touring Cat this Winter will allow you one optional door-to-door “Wild Cat” ski through the Moosalamoo National Recreation Area on Tuesday of your trip, between Chipman Inn and Blueberry Hill.  This would be in place of the Rikert Nordic Center day pass that the Touring Cat usually includes for Tuesday.

There is another whole day of backcountry skiing available for you at Blueberry Hill on Wednesday, whether on their trail system or taking a shuttle from the inn to ski one-way back to the inn in the backcountry.

The Tuesday & Wednesday backcountry ski days described above (very popular options on the Touring Cat trip) represent the best backcountry days of the Wild Cat trip.  The very long, very challenging, climbing-skins required Thursday ski from Brandon Gap to Mountain Top is not on offer this season.  Additionally, ALL of the five touring centers on the Touring Cat offer ungroomed/backcountry experiences in addition to the groomed/tracked trail systems at four of them.