Vermont Self Guided Skiing Details

Due to the mandatory quarantine required of all visitors by the State of Vermont, we are not booking Winter Ski trips for 2021.

How difficult is the skiing/snowshoeing?

The trails used range from gentle, groomed trails at the cross-country/Nordic centers and inn trail networks to unbroken backcountry trails with significant elevation gain. The Touring Cat is more flexible, with the five available touring centers each sporting at least 30 km of groomed trails in networks ranging from 50 to 70 km each.  At every center, some trails are suitable for beginners/novices, others are intermediate, and some are enough to challenge advanced skiers.  Lessons are available at most touring centers for a fee.  Wild Cat skiers should be experienced in the backcountry — trail conditions vary and almost none of the distance is groomed.  The Wild Cat trail itself is moderate between Chipman Inn and Blueberry Hill, moderate again between Blueberry Hill and Brandon though with a few fast descents, and challenging around Mountain Top.  Wild Cat skiers break trail much of the way.

Can I ski or snowshoe door to door between the inns?

Please see the descriptions of the Touring Cat and the Wild Cat.  The Touring Cat relies on you using your car to stow your luggage and connect from inn to touring center in the morning and from touring center to the next inn that afternoon.  You ski/snowshoe by included day pass at touring centers with options for the backcountry / Catamount Trail segment that crosses each of them.  The Wild Cat is designed with our driving you to trailheads to facilitate skiing to-the-door or from-the-door each day of your trip, and you should be prepared to break new trail in the backcountry most of the day for each day of your Wild Cat trip.

Is snow guaranteed?

NO.  We confine the Winter trips to January and February as these tend to be the snowiest months in Vermont, but snow is not guaranteed.  These trips run snow or no snow.  If there is inadequate snow for skiing/snowshoeing, winter hiking on the same trails is recommended and assistance is provided.  The inns are still cozy, the food is still delectable, and the air outside will still most likely have an invigorating snap to it.  Otherwise, do consider insuring your trip with a “cancel for any reason” trip insurance policy from the insurer of your choice.  No refunds or credits for reschedules are possible for uncooperative / non-Goldilocks snow conditions.

Our skiing/snowshoeing itineraries are available in January and February only, and only Sunday through Thursday nights.