Inn to Inn

850 Park Street

Brandon, VT 05733

Call or text:  (802) 247-3300

A note before you write your note

Thank you for your interest in a Vermont vacation.  The 2022 touring season runs from the second week of May through the third week of October.

Please indicate whether you are bicyclists or walkers/hikers as the two programs are entirely unrelated, stay at different inns, etc.

The pandemic has had a tremendous negative economic impact on our inns.  For 2022, we are trying to respect our partners in the hospitality world by limiting the number of nights of the week we call upon them to host our hikers/walkers and cyclists.  We are not offering any Friday or Saturday night stays in 2022 — all inn to inn touring will happen between Sunday afternoon and Friday morning.  Please see individual pages for more details on available itineraries as we creatively navigate a third consecutive disruptive year in tourism.

Happy Trails,

Seth & Olia Hopkins, tour directors