The Fine Print

Deposit & Cancellation Policy

A deposit of $50 per person per night confirms your reservation and guarantees your rooms for you.  This deposit less a flat, non-refundable $75 charge is refundable up to 30 days prior to the scheduled start date of your trip.  The balance is due by 30 days prior to the scheduled start of your tour, and the inns are prepaid for your stay.  No refunds or credits will be made for cancellations within 30 days of your scheduled start date.  For groups reserving five or more rooms per night at the inns, replace “30 days” with “45 days” in all occurrences above.

Required Liability Waiver &

Acknowledgment of Cancellation Policy

All participants are required to read and electronically submit this liability waiver and acknowledgment of cancellation policy ahead of arrival in Vermont.

Optional Travel Insurance

We are licensed by the State of Vermont to offer travel insurance.  We encourage you to obtain travel insurance in case you find the need to cancel last-minute.  Contact our preferred provider, Travelex, or another insurer of your choice for a quote.

Click below to compare levels of coverage and get a free instant quote, or call a Travelex agent for a phone consultation at (800) 228-9792; our location code is 45-0012.

Once you confirm your custom itinerary with a deposit, it will be very difficult to alter.  We will have to contact several innkeepers to make changes.  If changes are indeed possible, you will incur a $75 revision charge.  Although rarely necessary, we reserve the right to change trip itineraries.